An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Here is a little story of when just a bit of HR training saves the day and a boatload of money… 

A front-line supervisor went to their manager suggesting they terminate an employee who was late for work more than anyone else; he felt the tardiness was inexcusable.  The supervisor and manager met with the employee to move forward with termination.  During the meeting, the employee apologized and said that she would try to do better in the future.  The employee went on to explain she was being treated for migraine headaches and sometimes getting out of the house on time was impossible.  

Then…a mental lightbulb went off!

The manager remembered an HR training she attended where they learned something about their obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with certain medical conditions.  So, the manager put the brakes on the termination and went to upper management. Ultimately, after discussion with upper management, rather than terminating the employee, a reasonable accommodation was provided allowing the employee to change shifts to avoid an early morning clock-in time.  

Had that manager’s light bulb not come on, the company would have been looking at claims of wrongful termination, disability discrimination, and possibly a host of other claims, damages and legal fees.

The end.   

Want more tips on how to protect your business?

Listen in to our October 24th webinar to learn just what your supervisors and managers need to know.  Don’t just cross your fingers and hope your managers know what to do! 


October 24, 2019 | 8:30am-9:30am

Don’t Just Assume: Train Managers on Basic HR Responsibilities

This online workshop will provide participants with an overview of the various HR topics about which all managers need to be aware. Managers are the eyes, ears and mouth of the company; they need to know enough to determine when there is a potential HR issue and when to get senior management, outsourced HR or legal involved before the matter escalates!

Participants in this online workshop will learn about:

  • common errors made by managers that can lead to liability,
  • trigger” subjects and employee statements that require further management action,
  • documenting communications with employees, and
  • implementing key policies, such as approving time off, harassment and reasonable accommodations.