Behavioral Change & Acceleration Coaching

What is it? 

Behavioral change and acceleration coaching, also known as Live 360, is a form of coaching that is used to modify the unwanted behavior of a valuable employee and/or to create new, needed behaviors within a valuable employee.  Live feedback is gather by a coach from others in the organization.  This feedback is then compiled by the coach to create a very targeted list of specific behaviors the leader must grow in.  The coach works with the leader over the next 6-18 months to develop them exactly as the organization needs.  This dialed-in approach is effective and produces the custom results that are so often needed in leaders. 

When is it used?  

Behavioral change and acceleration coaching is most commonly used to: 

  • Accelerate the development of a key employee/leader  
  • Prepare a leader for a larger role in their organization 
  • Prepare a leader to succeed another leader 
  • “Fix” a leader that you would prefer to keep versus potentially fire or replace 

Why is it used?  

Organizations usually talk to leaders and hope they will choose to change and/or use a one-size-fits-all tool to try to change their leaders.  To get precise change in a leader, a very dialed in approach is required.  Real, raw, and direct feedback is required in addition to step by step coaching for true and lasting behavioral change.   

How does it work? 

  1. Conducting a Live 360 obtains raw feedback on behalf of the leader who needs developing.  A Live 360 is the process of in-person interviews with key leaders who give direct feedback about the leader who needs to grow.   
  2. This feedback is then condensed into targeted categories and goals that reveal where the leader must grow.     
  3. With this feedback in hand, the coach then works with the leader to coach them on how to grow into the kind of leader the organization needs. 
  4. Throughout the coaching process, the coach also meets monthly with the leader(s) overseeing the development of the leader who needs to grow.  This meeting is designed to provide a syncing of important updates on the leader’s development.  It provides a regular touchpoint for the coaching to adjust as needed.  

How do I get this for my leaders? 

monocleHR works with Laura-Catherine Etheridge at Stratos2 Coaching & Consulting Inc. to provide this valuable service to clients.  Contact us to schedule your free consultation with Laura-Catherine.  During the consultation, you and Laura-Catherine will discuss your specific needs, answer your questions and explore cost.