Why is it used?

Without the growth and retention of its leadership, organizations struggle to improve and increase their hold on the market.  Hiring, training, compensating, and retaining leaders is not only important but also expensive for organizations.  The more they can develop and retain their existing leadership, the greater their win in the long run.  That’s why leadership development coaching is often a useful tool in organizations.  It gives organizations an effective way to develop a leader for a larger role or to improve a leader in an existing role.

When should I consider using it?

  • If you have leaders you want to promote and they are not ready
  • If you have leaders that have to improve for you to retain them

How does it work?

Leadership development is a process that works like this:

  • Step 1) The coach comes your company to learn about it and the leaders you want to develop
  • Step 2) The coach gathers very specific information on how you need your leaders to grow
  • Step 3) The coach consolidates the growth goals for each leader and confirms them with you
  • Step 4) The coach discusses and solidifies a timeline with you for each leader’s development
  • Step 4) The coach meets each leader and works with them on their goals for the duration of the engagement  
  • Step 5) The coach meets with you monthly to discuss the goals of each leader and their progress toward those goals
  • Step 6) The coach wraps up the engagement with each leader or is asked to extend the engagement and work on new goals with the leaders

How do I get get started?

monocleHR works with Laura-Catherine Etheridge at Stratos2 Coaching & Consulting Inc. to provide this valuable service to clients.  Contact us to schedule your free consultation with Laura-Catherine.  During the consultation, you and Laura-Catherine will discuss your specific needs, answer your questions and explore cost.