August 1, 2019 | 8:30am – 9:30am ET

WEBINAR: Is Your Leadership Style Holding you Back?

There is a list 10-pages long of why a small business doesn’t thrive as it should. However, some of the most common reasons revolve around ineffective leadership, unengaged employees and lack of planning.

For this reason, monocleHR has brought in a guest speaker, Laura-Catherine “LC” Etheridge, a partner with Stratos2 Coaching & Consulting, a leadership development guru to provide some practical guidance to our small business community.

She will be discussing:

  • How to communicate with direct reports so that they hear you
  • How to get better behavior and results from direct reports
  • The key communication subjects to cover with direct reports
  • How to hold direct reports accountable in a way that is sustainable
  • What your leadership style may be and how it’s helping you or holding you back

We are honored to work with LC. She has spent countless hours developing leaders, from C-Suite executives down to entry-level managers, in over 16 different industries, in multiple Fortune 500 and multi-billion-dollar national and international corporations. LC will be sharing her leadership development best practices that she has seen to hold fast across industries and at every level of leadership.