monocleHR offers the following three (3) flexible, fixed-cost HR support services to ensure a monocleHR professional will meet your small business needs.

HR Strategy in a Nutshell

Affordable and Actionable HR Assessment

monocleHR Strategy in a Nutshell is a two (2)-hour phone assessment designed to identify areas which leave a small business open to employee-related claims and lawsuits, as well as fines and penalties for non-compliance of federal and state employment regulations.  With an actionable report consisting of areas that need attention, the rationale, and suggested strategies to tighten up and correct any issues, monocleHR Strategy in a Nutshell is a perfect starting point for any organization.

HR with Confidence Subscriptions

Subscription-based Consulting & Advice

A monocleHR With Confidence Subscription provides proactive and as-needed consulting services through affordable subscription packages. monocleHR Subscriptions are perfect for small organizations with limited HR experience and time who want the confidence to handle HR situations with ease.  Whether it’s employee relations guidance, policy and procedure suggestions, compliance, conflict management, or form development, monocleHR Confidence Subscriptions are your go-to partner.

monocleHR offers two (2) subscription options:  Premier or On-Demand.

Premier Services

  • Remote support services via email, telephone or video call within 24 business hours (excluding Off Hours work)
  • Includes complementary monocleHR Strategy in a Nutshell as first engagement
  • 10% promo for all monocleHR trainings for all management employees
  • $100/hour for all hours purchased*
  • Minimum block of hours to be purchased is 3 hours. Services must be used within 6-months of purchase

On Demand

  • Remote support services via email, telephone or video call
  • $150/hour (or the current hourly rate in place)
  • For Off Hours work requested by the Company, hours will be billed at a rate of two times the hours used


One Project, One Cost, No Surprises

For small businesses that prefer to work on a per-project basis, monocleHR offers a variety of HR solutions:

Handbook Assessment – monocleHR will review your existing Employee Handbook to ensure that your policies  are compliant under NC and federal requirements and meet general HR best practice guidelines.  We will indicate where suggested policies are missing, out of compliance, are inconsistent or inaccurate,  and where policy language present a risk to your organization.  Clients will receive an Assessment Summary providing all suggested changes or revisions to be made to their existing Handbook.

Custom Handbook Solution – Employee Handbooks are a crucial part of any growing organization. monocleHR Employee Handbook  is an affordable, custom developed handbook designed specifically for your needs.  This is no “cookie cutter” document – the highly tailored solution gives you the tools to immediately implement policies and procedures based on their individual situation, environment, and culture.

Job Description Solution – monocleHR will prepare practical and concise job descriptions that meet compliance requirements under NC and federal disability laws.  We will  help you to identify essential and non-essential tasks, work context and activities, physical and environmental demands, experience and education.

Personnel File Assessment – monocleHR will examine a random sample of up to 10 current personnel files and determine if any necessary documents are missing or whether certain documents should be maintained in separate files.  Files must be provided to monocleHR electronically.  Clients will be provided with an Assessment Summary of the relevant compliance and document retention requirements and suggested changes to your personnel file process.

Form I-9 Assessment – monocleHR will examine a random sample of up to 10 completed Form   I-9s from current employees and determine whether any corrections are necessary. Forms must be provided to monocleHR electronically.   Clients will be provided with an Assessment Summary providing them with a summary of corrections to be made and the associated liability,  the tools and guidance necessary to make corrections, and suggestions on how to ensure compliance going forward.  

Form I-9 Overhaul – monocleHR will review all Form I-9s for current employees, making corrections where necessary and possible, providing a one-time, on-line, training for management on how to correctly complete Form I-9s, and providing you with a letter explaining your Form I-9 corrections and your efforts to comply with federal law; you can use this “good faith” letter as part of a request to reduce penalties and fines if you are audited by the federal government.  Forms must be provided to monocleHR electronically.

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