monocleHR offers training opportunities for private sector small and mid-size businesses in North Carolina.* Company trainings provide business owners and managers - with little human resources experience - with practical, real-world guidance on effective human resources practices and legal compliance to reduce the risk of staffing headaches and employment-related liability.

monocleHR provides three (3) primary training options: HR in a Nutshell, Online Workshops, and client-customized management trainings on HR compliance.  All trainings provide participants with an overview of the training topic, suggested implementation strategies and, often, sample documents to assist in the implementation procedure.  All trainings are provided by human resources consultants with over 30 years of combined experience working in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, technology and professional services (e.g., legal, accounting, staffing).

*Currently, monocleHR does not offer trainings for public employers, such as states, counties, cities or similar municipalities or agencies or subdivisions created by a state, county, city or other municipality.

HR in a Nutshell

Once per year, monocleHR offers an all-day comprehensive training program for new business owners and managers in North Carolina (or existing owners and managers who want a refresher) providing them with an overview of human resource and compliance guidance necessary to operate a business in North Carolina. The training covers topics such as effective hiring and disciplinary methods, understanding applicable federal and North Carolina employment laws, implementing a practical human resource system, and establishing proper wage payment procedures. Participants will also be provided with sample documents, resources and presentation materials both in hard copy and electronic versions.

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Customized Client Trainings

monocleHR provides clients in North Carolina with customized management workshops offering practical training on how to effectively implement human resources policies. Workshop topics include matters such as documenting disciplinary matters, harassment and retaliation and family and medical leave. Workshops are provided on-site, via webinar, or as recorded on-demand programs, based upon client need. Workshops are offered on a project-fee basis depending on the requested training and travel expenses, if applicable.

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