Some businesses may not know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) not only processes and investigates employee complaints of discrimination and retaliation, but it also sues companies on behalf of employees!

Over the last two years, we’re seeing an increase in charges filed with the EEOC in the following areas: retaliation, disability discrimination, sexual harassment and race discrimination. In many cases, these claims are a result of actions – and inaction – by supervisors and managers who simply are not equipped to handle human resources matters. 

Importantly, charges are filed against small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies. We receive press releases from the EEOC and below is just a short snippet of companies sued by the EEOC on October 1st and 2nd.

How do you protect your business?

Businesses must ensure that their supervisors and managers are trained on the basics of HR compliance. Although they do not need to be experts, they need to know what they should and should not say, when to press the brakes and, importantly, when to ask for help and update senior management. 

Listen in to our October 24th webinar to learn just what your supervisors and managers need to know.  Don’t just hope for the best! 


October 24, 2019 | 8:30am-9:30am

Don’t Just Assume: Train Managers on Basic HR Responsibilities

This online workshop will provide participants with an overview of the various HR topics about which all managers need to be aware. Managers are the eyes, ears and mouth of the company; they need to know enough to determine when there is a potential HR issue and when to get senior management, outsourced HR or legal involved before the matter escalates!

Participants in this online workshop will learn about:

  • common errors made by managers that can lead to liability,
  • trigger” subjects and employee statements that require further management action,
  • documenting communications with employees, and
  • implementing key policies, such as approving time off, harassment and reasonable accommodations.