What Would $315,000 in Damages Do To Your Bottom Line?

If you are a Fortune 500 Company, $315,000 in damages owed to  disgruntled employees is a drop in the bucket; however, if you are a small business, $315,000 could be devastating.  On October 17th, the EEOC issued a press release about a small janitorial services business in this predicament.

What happened?

An EEOC investigation revealed that the company failed to hire a certain class of applicants for various positions because of their disability or age (40 and older). The evidence obtained by the EEOC indicated that the company rejected disabled applicants for positions based on alleged safety or other concerns without conducting individualized assessments as required by law. The EEOC also obtained evidence indicating that applicants were rejected for hire because of their age. The EEOC found that such alleged conduct violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and fined the company $315,000 in damages.

Want to protect your business from a similar fate?

Train your managers on how to implement lawful and effective hiring techniques. It’s a fact, when supervisors and managers are not trained on these HR basics, your organization is open to all allegations by applicants and employees and potential fines, penalties, and lawsuits. 

Listen in to our October 24th webinar to learn just what your supervisors and managers need to know and tips on how to turn them into great leaders.  Don’t just hope for the best!  


October 24, 2019 | 8:30am-9:30am

Don’t Just Assume: Train Managers on Basic HR Responsibilities

Must register by Wednesday, October 24th by 11:30 am.

This online workshop will provide participants with an overview of the various HR topics about which all managers need to be aware. Managers are the eyes, ears and mouth of the company; they need to know enough to determine when there is a potential HR issue and when to get senior management, outsourced HR or legal involved before the matter escalates!

Participants in this online workshop will learn about:

  • common errors made by managers that can lead to liability,
  • trigger” subjects and employee statements that require further management action,
  • documenting communications with employees, and
  • implementing key policies, such as approving time off, harassment and reasonable accommodations.