What’s Your E-Verify Homework During the Shut Down

Your E-verify “To Do” List 

  1. Start a running list of everyone that you hire during the shutdown. Although NC employers with 25+ employees are required to paritcipate in E-Verify, the current shutdown does not impact your ability to move ahead with hiring! Right now you can probably name everyone off the top of your head but the longer the shutdown goes on the harder that may be. 
  2. Continue Filling Out I-9Forms. Take extra care to ensure all I-9’s are completed properly and  timely. Although E-Verify is down, your obligation to continue completing I9s continues – it’s business as usual!  
  3. As soon as the shutdown ends, enter everyone on your list into E-verify. If you receive any tentative nonconfirmations (TNCs) for those hired during the shutdown, please contact us to discuss next steps to ensure compliance.