Would Your I-9s Pass Muster?

The Trump Administration is Increasing Immigration Enforcement

Jeff Sessions recently reaffirmed his committment to enforcing the Immigration and Naturalization Act, stating, “It is perfectly legitimate, moral and decent for a nation to have a legal system of immigration and toenforce the system it adopts.”

Sessions stated “As we work to restore rule of law in our immigration system, we will send a clear message to the world that the lawless practices of the past are over.

​To this end, the Trump administration will be swearing in 44 new immigration judges.

We also expect to see greater enforcement of I-9 and E-verify procedures as part of this effort. To avoid unnecessary fines, please schedule a complimentary I-9 Assessment.

Source: Attorney General Acts on Promise to Hire More Immigration Judges, Sept. 11, 2018, available at: